Paintings Reproductions Cezanne, Paul Still Life with Bottles, 1894
Cezanne Paintings 1839 - 1906  Painter, France, Impressionism

Still Life with Bottles, 1894

Oil on canvas, 65x82 cm

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Still Life Paintings

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OIL PAINTING:  Still Life with Bottles, 1894

      For many years, still-lifes and landscapes were Cezanne's main topics. Composing more than 200 still-life paintings, Cezanne wants to 'conquer Paris with an apple'. 'Apples and Oranges' is one of his most famous still-life compositions. Applying the same methodical analysis to these works as he did with his landscapes, Cezanne records the slightest variations in tone and color observed over long periods as well as the forms from empirical geometry Cezanne considered the most frequent in nature - the 'cylinder, sphere and the cone'.