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Constable Paintings 1776 - 1837  England, Romanticism

Boat Building

Oil on canvas, 20 x 24.25 inches [50.8 x 61.6 cm]

Victoria and Albert Museum, London


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OIL PAINTING:  Boat Building

      The landscape at and around Flatford Mill, Suffolk, has changed little since the artist John Constable expressed its beauty in oils just shy of 200 years ago.
      Land and buildings now in the care of the National Trust inspired many of the great Constable's best-loved paintings, including 'The Hay Wain'; they feature in half of the paintings at the Tate show.
      Visit Flatford Mill and the surrounding countryside today, and it is still easy to pick out the scenes that Constable found so bewitching. Trees have grown taller and the noise of men at work, boat-building or working on the River Stour, has ceased. But the landscape is still unspoilt and serene.