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Paintings Reproductions Constable, John The Cornfield, 1826
Constable Paintings 1776 - 1837  England, Romanticism

The Cornfield, 1826

Oil on canvas, 56.3 x 48.03 inches [143 x 122 cm]

National Gallery, London


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OIL PAINTING:  The Cornfield, 1826

      John Constables son, Charles said, in 1869, that the site of this painting - The Cornfield, was a lane leading from East Bergholt to Dedham and that the church in the distance was an invention. While weight must be given to this opinion, it is also possible that the site was below Langham Church where there is a similar lane but with Higham Church in the distance. John Constable would have known the lane in Langham very well.