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Paintings Reproductions Constable, John Flatford Mill, 1816-1817
Constable Paintings 1776 - 1837  England, Romanticism

Flatford Mill, 1816-1817

Oil on canvas, 40.04 x 50 inches [101.7 x 127 cm]

Tate Gallery, London


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OIL PAINTING:  Flatford Mill, 1816-1817

      Constable began to make preparatory scetches for his oil paintings. At the time Constable was something of a radical. After overcoming early problems with scale, from 1814 Constable started making small preparatory sketches plein air (outdoors) which he later transferred to larger studies.
      From 1819 Constable dramatically expanded the scope of his sketches when he began to make his celebrated six-footers, where the method of making full-size preparatory sketches was at the time a unique approach.