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Paintings Reproductions Constable, John View of Dedham, 1814
Constable Paintings 1776 - 1837  England, Romanticism

View of Dedham, 1814

Oil on canvas, 21.77 x 30.75 inches [55.3 x 78.1 cm]

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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OIL PAINTING:  View of Dedham, 1814

     Here in View of Dedham Constable depicts Dedham, one of the opulent wool towns in the 15th Century, that sits beside the River Stour where John Constable's father had a watermill (since replaced with a victorian one).
      Dedham Vale, with the River Stour, straddles the borders of Essex and Suffolk and is otherwise known as Constable Country after the famous painter John Constable.