Paintings Reproductions Alma-Tadema,Sir Lawrence An Earthly Paradise, 1891
Alma-Tadema Paintings 1836 - 1912  Painter,Draftsman,Netherlands,Victorian Neoclassicism

An Earthly Paradise, 1891

Oil on canvas, 34.06 x 64.96 inches [86.5 x 165 cm]

Private collection

Figurative Art

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OIL PAINTING:  An Earthly Paradise, 1891

      The entries for the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition for 1891 were An earthly paradise and the portrait of James Balfour. An earthly paradise was inspired by Swinburne's poem, 'All Heaven's Heaven, in One Little Child', and reflects Alma-Tadema's love of children and family life. William Quiller Orchardson used this painting as the basis for his own picture Master's Baby. When Alma-Tadema was informed of Orchardson's obvious plagiarism, he blithely quipped, 'Those who follow will never see but the master's back!'