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Paintings Reproductions El Greco, -Domenikos Theotokopolos St Jerome, 1590
El Greco Paintings 1541 - 1614  Greece, Mannerism

St Jerome, 1590

Oil on canvas, 110x95 cm

The Frick Collection

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OIL PAINTING:  St Jerome, 1590

      The open book bears an inscription from a later hand (L. Cornaro. Aet. suae 100. 1566). For this reason it has been supposed that this is a portrait of Luigi Cornaro, author of several treatises on the art of growing old. Others have believed it to be a portrait of the Cardinal-Inquisitor Don Gaspar Quiroga.       Two signed and four unsigned versions by El Greco are known, the best being that in the Frick Collection, New York.