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Paintings Reproductions Fromentin, Eugene Voleurs De Nuit [Night Robbers], 1865
Fromentin Paintings 1820 - 1876  France, Orientalist

Voleurs De Nuit [Night Robbers], 1865

Oil on canvas, 51.89 x 80.24 inches [131.8 x 203.8 cm]

Private collection

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OIL PAINTING:  Voleurs De Nuit [Night Robbers], 1865

      Fromentin was much influenced in style by Eugne Delacroix. Fromentin paintings are distinguished by striking composition, great dexterity of handling and brilliancy of colour. In them is given with great truth and refinement the unconscious grandeur of barbarian and animal attitudes and gestures. Fromentin's later paintings , however, show signs of an exhausted vein and of an exhausted spirit, accompanied or caused by physical enfeeblement.