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Paintings Reproductions Gainsborough, Thomas Lady Innes, 1757
Gainsborough Paintings 1727 - 1788  England, Rococo

Lady Innes, 1757

Oil on canvas, 101x72 cm

The Frick Collection


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OIL PAINTING:  Lady Innes, 1757

      Lady Innes was painted by Gainsborough at about the time of the Malloren novels, when he was still a young man, making his name in provincial Ipswich. The costume is exactly right for the time, with the elaborate gown and simple hair, and I was struck by her direct gaze and upright posture. She seemed alive to me, with a story to tell.       As with most paintings of Gainsborough, the full force cannot be appreciated in a reproduction.       Without knowing anything about Lady Innes, we feel the presence of a young lady who was not pretty, but carried herself with assurance.