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Paintings Reproductions Vincent van Gogh The Yellow House , 1888
Vincent van Gogh Paintings 1853 - 1890  Painter,Printmaker, Draftsman, Holland

The Yellow House , 1888

Oil on Canvas, 92x72 cm

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

City Landscapes

72 from 90
OIL PAINTING:  The Yellow House , 1888

      In May 1888, Van Gogh rented four rooms on the right-hand side of a house on the Place Lamartine in Arles- The Yellow House. His living quarters were the ones with the green shutters. His bedroom lay beyond. Van Gogh had finally found a place where he could not only paint but also welcome his friends. His goal was to establish a Studio of the South, where he and like-minded artists could work together.
      The view is also an exploration of color contrast: What a powerful sight, those yellow houses in the sun and then the unforgettable clarity of the blue [sky], he wrote to Theo in the letter that accompanied a drawing he had made after the painting of The Yellow House.