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Paintings Reproductions Vincent van Gogh Fishing Boats, 1888
Vincent van Gogh Paintings 1853 - 1890  Painter,Printmaker, Draftsman, Holland

Fishing Boats, 1888

Oil on Canvas, 80x64 cm

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Sea Landscapes

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OIL PAINTING:  Fishing Boats, 1888

      Throughout the year, van Gogh continues to paint some of his best paintings, like this painting - Fishing Boats . Van Gogh anxiously awaits the arrival of his friend, Paul Gauguin, who he dreams of helping him to set up the artists' community. Gauguin finally arrives in October and moves in with Vincent in his "Yellow House" This proves to be an extremely rewarding and productive time for van Gogh and Gauguin, though a tense and often turbulent one in which they would endlessly argue about art. As the weather worsens, so too does their relationship, which is finally destroyed on 23 December when Vincent van Gogh is supposed to have attacked Gauguin with a razor. Immediately after the failed attack, Vincent loses all reason and cuts off his left earlobe. He then wraps it in newspaper and presents it to a prostitute at the local brothel he frequented. Van Goghis then hospitalized and shortly afterward Theo arrives from Paris to make arrangements for Vincent's care.