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Paintings Reproductions Vincent van Gogh The Dance Hall at Arles, 1888
Vincent van Gogh Paintings 1853 - 1890  Painter,Printmaker, Draftsman, Holland

The Dance Hall at Arles, 1888

Oil on Canvas, 65 x 81 cm

d'Orsay, Paris

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OIL PAINTING:  The Dance Hall at Arles, 1888

When he had left Paris a few months earlier, Van Gogh had hoped that other artists would come and join him in Arles where they would have started a joint studio. But Gauguin was the only one to come and his stay ended dramatically: on 23rd December, a violent argument broke out between the two men, at the end of which Van Gogh cut off his ear. Gauguin's influence is perceptible in this picture - simplified forms, dark outlines defining the contours and the use of flat colors.