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Paintings Reproductions Heade, Martin Johnson Newburyport Meadows, c.1872-1878
Heade Paintings 1819 - 1904  USA, Hudson River School

Newburyport Meadows, c.1872-1878

Oil on canvas, 10.5 x 22 inches [26.67 x 55.88 cm]

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan


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OIL PAINTING:  Newburyport Meadows, c.1872-1878

      An ideal example of Heade's signature marsh views, Newburyport Meadows was probably executed about 187278the years during which its original owner, Senator Stephen Dorsey of Arkansas, resided in Washington, D.C. Dorsey took the painting with him to New Mexico, where it hung in the grand mansion that he built at Mountain Springs about 1880. Because it was long kept in a glass-covered shadow box, this painting survives in remarkably fresh condition and retains its original painted and gilded frame.