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Paintings Reproductions Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique Half-figure of a Bather, 1807
Ingres Paintings 1780 - 1867  Painter, Printmaker, Violinist, France, Neoclassicism

Half-figure of a Bather, 1807

Oil on canvas

Musee Bonnat, Bayonne

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OIL PAINTING:  Half-figure of a Bather, 1807

      In 1806 Ingres set out for Rome, and in the Vatican he saw the frescoes of the greatest of the decorators, the master of the "Parnassus" and the "School of Athens". Ingres at once persuaded himself that this was absolute beauty, and that these paintings held within them formul and concepts revealing a full definition of art and of its immutable laws. And it is to this mistake of Ingres that we owe not a few of his finest paintings ; for had Ingres not wrongly thought himself a classicist, he would not have felt himself bound to adopt the essential constituent of the clasical language, namely, the nude figure. The nude, in modern realism, hints at the unusual, suggests something furtive and secret, and takes a place in the programme of the realists only as something exceptional.