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Neoclassicism, Classicism

Paintings Reproductions Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique Madame Duvaucey, 1807
Ingres Paintings 1780 - 1867  Painter, Printmaker, Violinist, France, Neoclassicism

Madame Duvaucey, 1807

Oil on canvas, 29.92 x 23.23 inches [76 x 59 cm]

Musee Conde, Chantilly


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OIL PAINTING:  Madame Duvaucey, 1807

      Ingres's genius lies in the relationships of women to the garments that clothe them and the fabrics and accessories that surround them -''Madame Duvaucey''. In portraits and in 'orlentalist' scenes alike, Ingres conveys the pleasure of seeing, through the female body and its ornamentation. It is precisely these images by Ingres that have attracted so much hostile and irritated comment from a wide range of critics.