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Paintings Reproductions Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique Virgin of the Adoption, 1858
Ingres Paintings 1780 - 1867  Painter, Printmaker, Violinist, France, Neoclassicism

Virgin of the Adoption, 1858

Oil on canvas, 27.36 x 22.36 inches [69.5 x 56.8 cm]

Private collection

Religious Paintings

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OIL PAINTING:  Virgin of the Adoption, 1858

      After the completion of "The Spring", the principal paintings produced by Ingres were, with a few exceptions (Molire and Louis XIV, 1858; The Turkish Bath 1859), of a religious character.The Virgin of the Adoption, 1858 (painted for Mademoiselle Roland-Gosselin), was followed by The Virgin Crowned (painted for Madame la Baronne de Larinthie) and The Virgin with Child. In 1859 these were followed by repetitions of The Virgin of the Host; and in 1862 Ingres completed Christ and the Doctors, a painting commissioned many years before by Queen Marie Amalie for the chapel of Bizy.