Inness Paintings

Realism, Naturalism

Paintings Reproductions Inness, George Etretat, c.1874
Inness Paintings 1825 - 1894  USA

Etretat, c.1874

Oil on canvas, 9.25 x 12.99 inches [23.5 x 33 cm]

Private collection


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OIL PAINTING:  Etretat, c.1874

      " The mood, of which Inness paintings are the embodiment and cause, is to be transferred to the canvas." Arthur Atkins put this thought in other words: "There is no need for realism in painting beyond a genuine impulse received from Nature: colour and drawing one has entire liberty to subject to the one end of expression. . . . What makes a great painting is not brilliancy of handling, or the complete rendering of surfaces, but the seizing and holding of some element of that divine beauty which all things possess in some degree. And the mark of any great work of art." These thoughts apply to a great extent to the paintings of Inness.