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Paintings Reproductions Inness, George Italian Landscape with Adueduct, c.1845-1846
Inness Paintings 1825 - 1894  USA

Italian Landscape with Adueduct, c.1845-1846

Oil on canvas, 12.76 x 17.99 inches [32.4 x 45.7 cm]

Private collection


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OIL PAINTING:  Italian Landscape with Adueduct, c.1845-1846

      Inness's delight in the suggestive power of geometric forms emerged with even greater force , when he regularly raised horizon lines to the middle of his landscapes in order to bisect compositional space. In this way, Innness transformed the traditional proportions of landscape painting from one-third land and two-thirds sky to equal parts of land and sky. Moreover, Innness often vertically subdivided the section of sky into one-half trees and one-half sky, thereby producing a new ratio of one-quarter sky to three-quarters vegetation.To underscore this architectonic division of space, Inness often included a tree, devoid of horizontal branches, at or very close to the center of the painting.