Franz von Lenbach Paintings


Paintings Reproductions Lenbach, Franz von Lily Merk, 1902
Franz von Lenbach Paintings 1836 - 1904  Germany, Romanticism

Lily Merk, 1902

Oil on canvas, 48.03 x 40.35 inches [122 x 102.5 cm]

Museen der Stadt Aachen, Suermondt-Museum, Aachen


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OIL PAINTING:  Lily Merk, 1902

      Lenbach himself attributed his initial attraction to portraiture to his keen ability to observe and analyze anatomical forms. In 1897 Lenbach told Wilhelm Wyl, one of his biographers:
      Even then I noticed that I had uncommonly little imagination and could remember only one thing: the organic logic of nature, if I may be allowed to put it that way. I could see, for instance, how a specific person's ear emerged out of his head and once I had seen that, it stuck with me as an organic inevitability and it appeared before my eyes whenever I thought of it.