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Paintings Reproductions Koch, Joseph Anton The Schmadribach Falls, 1821
Koch Paintings 1768 - 1839  Austrian painter (b. 1768, Obergibeln, d. 1839, Roma)

The Schmadribach Falls, 1821

Oil on canvas, 132 x 110 cm

Neue Pinakothek, Munich


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OIL PAINTING:  The Schmadribach Falls, 1821

In this painting we see a view out of the Lauterbrunnental to the Schmadribach falls in the Bernese Oberland. This brings us closer to Koch's idea of the "poetic" landscape, and to "heroic" landscape as well. By poetic he meant the combination and compression of several elements that are never experienced together in nature. Here, in this powerful depiction of the mountains, the view is directed both downwards and upwards at once. Peaks that in reality conceal each other now tower one behind the other, all in view. This makes the Alps look as monumental as a range in the Himalayas. But at the same time details in the foreground are clearly visible.