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Paintings Reproductions Leonardo da Vinci St.John the Baptist, 1513-1516
Leonardo da Vinci Paintings 1452 - 1519  Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Inventor, Lutanist, Scientist,Italy, Renaissance

St.John the Baptist, 1513-1516

Oil on panel, 27.17 x 22.44 inches [69 x 57 cm]

Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

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OIL PAINTING:  St.John the Baptist, 1513-1516

      Other versions of St. John have also been attributed to Leonardo with the Municipal Museum at Basle having one. Also, in a private collection there is a sketch in which Bacchus is depicted in a state of sexual arousal. His right hand is upraised with the pointing finger, the angle of the head and facial expression very similar to that of St. John the Baptist.
      Many of Leonardo's pupils were to copy St. John the Baptist and their work appears in various collections. Typical of Leonardo's paintings, these will be heavily debated especially as so many copies of his original St. John the Baptist were done by students