Hans Makart Paintings

Academic Classicism

Paintings Reproductions Makart, Hans Anna von Waldberg,  1883-1884
Hans Makart Paintings 1840 - 1884  Austria, Academic Classicism

Anna von Waldberg, 1883-1884

Oil on wood, 29.92 x 22.83 inches [76 x 58 cm]

Carolino Augusteum, Salzburger Museum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Salzburg


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OIL PAINTING:  Anna von Waldberg, 1883-1884

      Of the painters it was principally Hans Makart who set the tone in Vienna. Makart influenced not only painting but also threw legendary parties in his famous studio and thus dictated contemporary fashion and interior design as well. Besides large decorative paintings in the style of Venetian cinquecento painters, or Peter Paul Rubens, Makart also produced charming and intimate genre paintings and portraits in which he guaranteed his subjects a lasting claim to beauty by idealising their features.