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Claude Monet Paintings 1840 - 1926  France, Impressionism

Water Lillies I

Oil on canvas

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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OIL PAINTING:  Water Lillies I

      A limitless expanse of water lilies covers the walls of a room at the Orangerie in Paris producing a sense of awe at the culmination of Monets years of tedious focus upon his pond and the water lilies at Giverny: the Grandes Decorations (1921). Many people assume that Monet's love of observing nature and efforts to capture the different effects of light on a setting, particularly the water in this case, inspired the enormous panels that create such an impressive effect. In fact, C.P. Weekes, author of The Invincible Monet stated, Even Monet paintings, which to modern eyes appear the essence of romance, were to him scientifically exact Oil Paintings of the effect of light on nature at any given moment (Weekes 226).