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Paintings Reproductions Millais, John Everett Lorenzo and Isabella, 1849
John Everett Millais Paintings 1829 - 1896  Painter, Illustrator, England, Pre-Raphaelite, President of: RoyalAcademy of Art /1896

Lorenzo and Isabella, 1849

40.51 x 56.26 inches [102.9 x 142.9 cm]

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

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OIL PAINTING:  Lorenzo and Isabella, 1849

      Among the notorious Victorian artists who called themselves Pre-Raphaelites, the most renowned was John Everett Millais. A fascinating, wonderfully diverse individual, Millais knew nearly "everybody who was anybody." Well-honored by his peers, he was, for forty years, Britain's most popular artist. The350 paintings Millais produced displayed their creator's remarkable versatility: Millais was a master of historical, mythological, Biblical, and literary subjects as well as landscapes and portraits.