Surrealism, Cubizm and other styles Paintings

Surrealism, Cubizm and other styles Paintings, Surrealism, Cubizm and other styles Artists and Oil Paintings
Surrealism is another of the many modern art movements in the 20th century. Its philosophical "father" was Andre Breton, a French poet and writer who published the Surrealist guidelines, called Manifesto in 1924 in Paris. Surrealism emphasizes the unconscious, the importance of dreams, the psychological aspect in arts. Surrealism became an important movement in the fine arts, literature and in films (by the Spaniard Bunuel for instance). For the fine arts, the best-known are Salvador Dali paintings, the Italian Giorgio de Chirico with his strange and eerie town views, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Yves Tanguy, Rene Margritte and the Russian Marc Chagall.

Expressionism as an art movement began in the early 20th century. It had it's roots in African cultures. This style emerged in 1905. It was all about how to depict emotions and moral values in art. The leaders of this movement sought to change the traditional way of illustrating nature as it actually looked. Instead the movement sought use vibrant colors, wild abstract shapes and emotive subject matter became dominant.
This art movement has been generally associated to any artistic work in which reality is distorted to represent the psychological condition of the artist.
This art movement would greatly influence authors such as Franz Kafka, August Strindberg and Frank Wedekind. It would also have an influence on film as well.