Cezanne Paintings

Chrysanthemums , 1896-1898 Cezanne, Paul Painting Reproductions

Cezanne Paintings

1839 - 1906 Painter, France, Impressionism

Chrysanthemums , 1896-1898

Oil on canvas

The Barnes Foundation, USA

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OIL PAINTING:  Chrysanthemums , 1896-1898

      Cezanne juggled and built with lines and colors. And the process virtually never stopped. Cezanne's was a continual quest for an image true to what he saw and how he experienced it. The art dealer, Ambrose Volard, experienced Cezanne's quest first hand when he sat for a portrait. "After 115 sittings," Volard wrote, "Cezanne abandoned my portrait to return to Aix." The front of the shirt is not bad. Such were his last words on parting. Volard also wondered why two spots of canvas on his hand remained unpainted. Cezanne said he was waiting to find just the right tone. "Don't you see, Monsieur Volard,- Cezanne said - that if I put something there by guesswork, I might have to paint the whole canvas over starting from that point?"