Dicksee Paintings

Romeo and Juliet, 1885 Dicksee, Sir Frank Francis Bernard Painting Reproductions

Dicksee Paintings

1853 - 1929 Painter, Illustrator, England, Victorian Romanticism

Romeo and Juliet, 1885

Oil on canvas

Location unknown

Figurative Art

325 from 938

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OIL PAINTING:  Romeo and Juliet, 1885

      Between tragedy and comedy the transition is often but slightly marked. Thus Romeo and Juliet differs but little from most of Shakespeare's comedies in its ingredients and treatment--it is simply the direction of the whole that gives it the stamp of tragedy. Dicksee's Romeo and Juliet is a painting of love and its pitiable fate in a world whose atmosphere is too sharp for this, the tenderest blossom of human life.Dicksee depicts two beings created for each other and feeling mutual love at the first glance; every consideration disappears before the irresistable impulse to live for one another; under circumstances hostile in the highest degree to their union, they unite themselves by a secret marriage, relying simply on the protection of an invisible power. Untoward incidents following in rapid succession, their heroic constancy is within a few days put to the proof, till, forcibly separated from each other, by a voluntary death Romeo and Juliet are united in the grave to meet again in another world.